Blue Oak Council

This sample language shows how to use the council’s license list to set rules about use of software under a software development contract.

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If you need legal advice or specific language for yourself or your company, don’t copy this example blindly. Hire a lawyer. A good one will ask you good questions, to understand your situation. Depending on your answers, they may decide this example meets your needs.

  1. Contractor agrees to ensure that Deliverables under this agreement will have only the following kinds of Dependencies:

    1. Dependencies that Contractor has the legal right to license to Client under the terms of this agreement

    2. Permissively Licensed Software

    3. software that Contractor’s engineering contact at the Client specifically pre-approves in writing, by name and version, for a specific Deliverable

  2. Permissively Licensed Software means software licensed to the public on the terms of a form license that rated “Bronze” or better on [the date of this agreement OR DATE].

  3. Contractor may rely on LICENSE, COPYING, and similar files, as well as other copyright notices, header comments, or standardized software package metadata, to determine whether software is Permissively Licensed Software.

  4. The Dependencies of a Deliverable include all work that the Deliverable explicitly depends on, installs, configures, invokes, or links to, directly or indirectly.

Blue Oak Council makes all example language available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.