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Privacy Notice

This privacy policy describes the policies of, a website operated by Blue Oak Council Inc., concerning “personally identifiable information” about you and other visitors.

This policy was put into effect on February 15, 2019. Changes to this policy will be posted here at

Collecting and Sharing

In general, we do not collect or share information about anyone. However, there are two exceptions:

  1. This site may log and reference Internet Protocol Address and other information about the computer and World Wide Web browser that you use to access the site, for the purpose of monitoring traffic, detecting software errors, and preventing denial-of-service and other technical attacks.

  2. GitHub Pages serves this site, and may collect information about you. GitHub, Inc. operates GitHub Pages. You can read GitHub’s privacy statement at


Regardless of whether you use Do Not Track HTTP headers, this site does not utilize cookies or other tracking mechanisms, and it does not direct your computer to make requests to others’ services for tracking purposes.