Blue Oak Council

This sample language shows how to use the council’s license list or model license to require release of software under a grant.

For more solutions, see the solutions list.

If you need legal advice or specific language for yourself or your company, don’t copy this example blindly. Hire a lawyer. A good one will ask you good questions, to understand your situation. Depending on your answers, they may decide this example meets your needs.

Grantee agrees to release all software developed with Grant funding as follows:

  1. License that software to the public under the terms of

    [Choose one:]

    [Option 1: the latest version of the Blue Oak Model License published at]

    [Option 2: a single form license that rated “Gold” or better]

    on [the date of this agreement OR DATE].

  2. Publish a Release Package to the World Wide Web containing the full source code of the software, in the preferred form for making changes, along with a notice of the license.

  3. Ensure that the Release Package remains available for free download during the term of this agreement and during the three calendar months after this agreement ends.

Blue Oak Council makes all example language available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.